About Us

History and background
The Bengali Workers’ Association (BWA) was originally known as the Bengali Workers’ Action Group (BWAG). The Association was established in 1976 and over the years has steadily grown from being a small group of community activist based in temporary portakabins to being a largest community-led voluntary organisation in Camden serving over 5000 residents from different backgrounds including Bengali.
The Association has grown in size and influence and particularly over the last five years, thanks to support from a number of sources. The London Borough of Camden has been the Association’s most consistent and generous supporter meeting the core costs and providing sessional staff for the youth work activities at the Association.
Since 1990 the Association has been based in a multi purpose building called the Surma Community Centre which has been a focal point of the Bangladeshi community and a venue for a wide range of social, cultural and religious events and a meeting place for over 16 years.

For almost 30 years the Association has represented and served the local communities, in particular Bengali in Camden. The role of the Association has been to provide the infrastructure support that has enabled local people to manage their lives more effectively and to assume greater responsibility for themselves and their communities. The Association has witnessed the growth and development of the local communities and its improvements that have resulted from its own efforts and the efforts made in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders. Members of the Association’s Board of Directors and the Staff members have also contributed to the work and development of other organisations in the London borough of Camden.

Our Vision
The vision of Bengali Workers’ Association is:
“Our vision is of a thriving local Bangladeshi community, and other BME communities where people can work, play and learn and realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to their local and wider community”

Our Mission
Bengali Workers’ Association is committed:
“To improve the quality of life of the Bangladeshi community, and other BME communities by encouraging their active participation in society.”

Our values
We value:

  • All people from the local Bangladeshi community in Camden and neighbouring boroughs
  • All positive aspects of our community and culture
  • The active participation of local Bangladeshi residents, businesses and community groups and the contributions they can make to our organisation, our environment, and our community
  • A quality service provided in a flexible and adaptable manner that meets the needs of the Bangladeshi community
  • Encouraging local Bangladeshi residents active involvement and participation in decision-making processes
  • Respect for the principles of tolerance, honesty, integrity, trust and decency

Our Supporters and Funders